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From day 1 of birth, the hospital always swaddled the little one. I never knew why, until I decided to ask. It’s because it prevents the baby from being disturbed by their own startle reflex and it keeps them warm. Cool.

My mom had already bought 8 muslin swaddles before my daughter’s birth. You need to properly fold and tuck the baby in with this swaddle, something which I’m terrible at.  Else the whole thing just unfolds as the baby kicks. It isn’t as easy as it sounds; there’s some origami to it. Imagine folding and tucking while the kid is screaming and kicking. Not my preference at all.

We also bought the grobag swaddle in preparation for her birth because we are new parents and didn’t know what we prefer.

I do not prefer zips on the side. This is still sitting unused in the closet.

There’s another type of swaddle which I think is great, the swaddleme velcro.

This is so easy to use and can be wrapped very quickly around a screaming and kicking baby. We used this for about a month, until I realized that whenever I needed to check her diaper, the unfolding of the Velcro would wake her up! Oh gosh! All the efforts of putting her to sleep is wasted.

The lifesaver is the double zipper type, the Love to dream swaddle. This functions like a bag where you just put the baby in and zips up pretty smoothly. 

Plus this swaddle allows her to have her arms up, which she prefers to do. The real winner for me is the double zip. You can unzip from the bottom to check on her diapers and not disturb her at all!  This is partly because she wears Bonds zip sleepsuits to sleep. 

As you can see, I’m a big fan of zips for the following reasons. Zips can be zipped quickly for when your babies are screaming and can be zipped quietly at night. 

Here’s a video comparing the love to dream vs the traditional wraps.

So we’re sticking with the love to dream swaddles for the long term. My two cents as a first time dad.

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