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Doona baby stroller

This has got to be the best stroller invention yet. It easily converts from a car seat into a stroller and you don’t wake up your baby in the process. We all know how difficult it is to manage crying babies, with all the stares of annoyance or sympathy.

Fits easily into the back seat of the car. I didn’t get the isofix, but on hindsight I should. It’s a real pain to buckle and wrap the seatbelt every single trip.

It’s good to put a seat protector below as the wheels would dirty your seat.  Although one thing to note, this stroller is suitable for babies starting from 1 month old. We realized that our newborn seemed to slouch when put inside. She only filled up after about a month.

One thing that alot of product reviews don’t tell you is that you need to consider the weight of the stroller + baby. Especially if this is a convertible type. She currently weighs 5.5kg and the stroller itself is around 4-5kg. That’s a combined weight of over 10kg. My wife struggles with putting the doona with her sleeping inside, into the car, without waking her up. And the reverse is true, taking her out from the car and converting it to stroller mode.  If you have a solution for this point (dads – the moms are looking at us), then I highly recommend this product for indoor mall use. Don’t go all rugged off terrain with this!

The release lever that converts the doona into stroller mode, bangs out about loudly, which will definitely wake up the child sleeping inside. I recommend releasing the lever, while slowly letting the wheels come out. Don’t follow the promotional video. I think the smoothness is overly exaggerated.

I will definitely be using the doona until she outgrows it.

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