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BCIP 2018 – Singtel, Capitamall trust

I started building my child’s college fund when she was 6 months old.  All her 红包’s are channeled straight into this OCBC account, and I registered for their Blue Chip Investment Plan (BCIP).  It’s a monthly investment scheme into a blue chip stock of choice.  Both Ms EOR and myself contribute monthly to this BCIP account, which is an excellent way to force us to invest.

I invest in 2 stocks at any given month, with Singtel being the base investment and the other being a cyclical.


Telco’s are considered a defensive sector, with a relatively stable income stream.  What I like about Singtel is that they are the market leader in Singapore, and also derive 50% of their profits from investments in other country telcos, thereby reducing the country risk.  They are trading at around their 52 week lows in 1H 2018, hence the dividend rate is 5+%, but I see the sustainable rate to be about 4+%.  I’m doing dollar cost averaging, so it doesn’t matter that much.

Capitamall Trust

They say the online revolution will kill the malls.  However when I visit the various Capitamalls, they are still crowded with people buying stuff.  Even I buy stuff!  The heartland malls tend to be more crowded as they service the residents in the area, while the ones in orchard service mainly tourists and town go-ers.  Good thing the capmall management is revamping their tenant portfolio to cater to changing needs, and incorporating online to offline experiences in their malls.  I will still patronize their malls, as they suit my family’s needs in terms of F&B, and shops.

I’ll review this portfolio every year.

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