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Living an alcohol free life

There are 3 major expensive vices in Singapore.  Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling.  I do not smoke nor gamble and I stopped alcohol intake since June 1 2018 and have never felt better!  I have the same amount of energy the next day on less hours of sleep, I exercise more, and most importantly my cholesterol has dropped from 220 to 200.

A glass of wine or hard liquor costs about $17-20 in Singapore due to the alcohol tax, and I used to hang out for drinks every weekend.  So on average I diverted about $400-500 in monthly alcohol expenses to another category.

For me, the positives in being alcohol free outweigh the negatives.  I don’t care what all the medical research says about a glass of wine a day being good for health – I don’t sleep well after I drink and sleep is of utmost priority.  You never know if the publisher/doctors behind the article are secretly funded by alcohol companies.  Listen to your body, that’s the best health advice.

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