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Food review: Al Forno + geylang Lor 29 hokkien Mee

It was Mrs EOR’s birthday a few days ago and we went out for dinner, something that we rarely do nowadays. We decided on Italian as it was awhile since we last had this cuisine.

Venue: Al Forno @ 400 East coast road

We read reviews on this place and ordered their diavola pizza and lobster pasta. Boy were they terrible! The pizza was overly runny with red sauce and tasted extremely bland (I’m already quite sensitive to salty food). The pasta sauce was just so so, something I could likely whip up at home. The lobster wasn’t even peeled and cracked and it felt like we’re eating at jumbo seafood. The only saving grace was that the pasta was done a perfect aldente.

The decor is like what you see in Italy and I get that their trying to keep to their roots, but it makes the place extremely loud. It’s like going to a club minus the music – definitely quieter to sit outside.

Would I return: No. I’d visit only Etna @ Duxton. No more experimenting with Italian restaurants in Singapore.

Through the evening we were intrigued at the opposite hawker center, as it looked very new and had a whole bunch of deliveroo and food panda guys standing around the Hokkien Mee store. Since dinner sucked, I told Mrs EOR that I’m gonna check out the hawker center. Lo and behold I decided to get a plate of Hokkien Mee.

Venue: Geylang lor 29 Hokkien Mee @ 396 East coast road

At $6 for the smallest plate , you get a solid amount of seafood and a heaping pile of noodles. The noodles was the wet kind of Hokkien Mee and had this wok hei taste with pork lard.

Operating hours: Daily 1145am – 9pm. Closed on Mondays.

Would I return: Yes most definitely!

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