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Hotel Review: Phuket Marriott Merlin Resort

As I travel quite often for work, I’m going to keep a record of all the hotels I’ve stayed in, to serve as a reminder of what works and what doesn’t. It’ll make future bookings much easier.

Location: About 15min away from Patong town by car. It’s the closest luxury beach resort to Patong. The downside is the traffic is really bad and it’s about an hour from the airport.

Room: Decently sized for a resort room and I had direct pool access. Excellent for a quick dip. The bathroom is Abit dated though, but the weather in Phuket is harsh so things get worn out quickly. My wing was located by the quieter pool. The resort has 3 pool areas which is pretty excessive.

Gym: This gym is pathetic given the size of this resort. It’s really crammed with not much space to do any weights. It caters mainly to treadmill users, but I’d prefer to run outside by the beach.

Breakfast: Decent selection of food and there are 2 areas. I prefer the smaller breakfast area by the beach as opposed to the main one by the pool. It’s more peaceful and it’s sufficient for me. The breakfast served was the same throughout my stay, and I got bored of it pretty quickly.

Notable items: The 3 different pool areas, although I think they can improve on some of the equipment there.

They have a kids club too!

There’s also a small area for ping-pong and kickball.

Would I return? This hotel caters mainly to tourists who like to be near the city center and like to go out of the resort to explore/eat. For Phuket, it doesn’t suit me, as I still prefer staying in the resort and doing everything in the resort.

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